Bonsai Wire Caddy 6 and 8 reel options available

We can supply larger and custom made wire caddy's, please contact us with your requirements.


Designed to hold 6 or 8 different sized wires, each reel can be unscrewed allowing easy insertion of 500g aluminium wire coils. Each caddy has four narrower reel holders and two wider reel holders to hold thicker wire coils. in addition a small draw at the base for all your essential bonsai tools makes this a practical piece of kit to manoeuvre around the garden when working on trees or taking to workshops and club meetings.


6 reel wire caddy


  • 4 kg
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Aluminium bonsai wire

500g rolls available in various thicknesses from 1mm  to 5mm


  • 0.5 kg
  • Limited Availability
  • Delivery in 14 days1

Annealed Copper Wire - select size and length from menu.

Copper wire available in various sizes.

Copper wire DS20 x 4meters


  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1